fif principal

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you to the Forward in Faith Christian family

At Forward in Faith Christian College (FIFCC), we are committed to ensuring that each child’s unique learning needs are met in an inclusive Christian atmosphere. We believe that each young unique learner in our world, no matter how they might be viewed by their communities them, has unlimited potential for growth and change. As educators, it is our responsibility either as individuals or collectively to stimulate our children to be open to the unlimited potential in them. The learner is stimulated to find the beauty in him or her and we as a team have worked together to ensure that we provide an environment where the learner’s voice is heard, his/her views and concerns taken into consideration.  We have an open-door policy that allows learners to come and discuss issues in a comfortable environment. We also have a Christian counsellor who deals with issues that are beyond teachers.

Academic achievement is important, and we are immensely proud of our learners who year on year achieve outstanding results at GCSE and A Level. However, life at Forward in Faith Christian College goes beyond just the academics. The college offers lots a wide array of extra-curricular and activities. This allows the learners to maintain healthy lifestyles as well as another platform to interact.

One of our main goals is that a learner should leave FIFCC after being fully prepared for the busy, modern, and challenging world that awaits them. We endeavour to ensure that   they take with them the necessary skills which will help them fit in their communities

If you send your son/daughter to FIFCC we will strive together with you to provide the absolute best start in life. Together we will strive to make sure they have the courage and skills to navigate their way through an increasingly complex and ever-changing society.